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It's been X-posted all over the place.

Today school was okay. I was feeling a little sad but that's what I get for liking two guys at once. Having a chance with both of them...and not knowing who to pick. I need your help. I'm going to list the good/bad reason about each guy then please give me some sort of advice. I'm naming 10 reasons.

+ is good
- is bad

-In the military
-He's 19
+Lives in my town
+Talk to him everyday
+Has chances to see him and speak to him
-Lives in RI during the week.
+He cares about me, and is helping me.
+I can talk to him easily
+Tells me when he's leaving and when he'll be back

Okay now onto the next.

-/+Lives in NC(when I move I'll have someone waiting for me)
+Cares about me
-Never online
-Never talk too
-Leaves for long times
-Can't see him
+can make me laugh
-Never know when he'll be on

Okay...think you guys can give me some advice?!!? PLEASE DO.

I'm your Mod, you better help me out!

Anyways we are sorta dead so I thought wow...just in time for a THEME!

The theme is...
Name one thing that means the most to you and why.(Pictures please!)
Name one thing you wish never existed(pictures please)
Name one thing you did in your life that you wish you can go back and not do it.
Name one thing that you cannot live without.(pictures please)

These should be done by Feb 14. =)
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