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This is Raquel's Best Friend...

Mod AcArA is on a Hiatus until January 16th.

She is on a cruise in the Caribbean. =D. (I hope you're having fun Pip!)

New members will have to wait until then to be stamped/Added.

In the meantime, You guys still need to vote on a few people's Applications.

I also noticed that in the first 10 Auto-Accepted members a few didnt follow directions...

-1st 10 are auto accepted.
-Do not bitch, or bash other members.
-When rating, state why you said no/yes
-One week of voting..after that I decide if you are in.
-Posting APP and PICTURES and long entries under LJ CUT <*lj-cut*> TEXT HERE <*/lj-cut*> Just take out the *
-When putting your App up, for me to know that you read the rules, in subject line put "Smile like no tomorrow, hiding my fears"

Please make sure you follow the rules, AcArA doesn't want to reject anyone =(

Alright well because She has the final say in whether you are accepted or not, I am not going to stamp anyone, or add anyone's user name to the info page.

I am going to call her tomorrow to be sure of everything...

Later Gator`♥
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